A while ago, maybe six months,11th grade was unable to attend a talk by a certain NGO. To ensure the opportunity did not go to waste, a certain grade was picked to attend instead. However, unforeseen enthusiasm exhibited by the grade towards working with the NGO caused a change in plans. The grade was 7th standard, and the NGO is called the people’s archive of Rural India, or PARI, for short. This commenced a project, ‘Every Face has a Story’. We donned the hats of journalists and flipped the original plans made by our teacher’s upside down. But they found a way to integrate everything into one beautiful plan. 19 different faces. 19 different voices. 19 different stories. Each and every one of them shines and woven together, form a tapestry of tales in tragedy, perseverance, and selflessness. And it can be assured that these artists were all children, excited for a new experience. But the story of their journey isn’t over yet.

                                         “Photography is the beauty of life captured.”-Tara Chisholm.

And capturing life was indeed our goal. Three trips to the Museo Camera, curated by Aditya Arya, might not make us experts, but it took us to long distances in a short time. We understood different types of portraiture. We learned how to use reflectors and set backdrops. To emphasize how all must be viewed without biases to understand their truth, we switched all of them to black and white. Because that is what we attempted to do. To break them down, to understand the basic, essential components that make them who they are. And that is what we have compiled for you. Read the stories. Smile at their moments of joy, and pity them at their moments of sadness. Because they are not stories of fictional characters. They are not stories of talking animals. They are real people, and these are their real stories. Please click on the image to know more about the respondent.